covid 19 community mobiliazationAll APP projects throughout Angola have been collaborating with local, municipal, provincial and state authorities in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus that causes Covid-19. Women in Action programmes, based on sewing and dressmaking, made and distributed face masks. Farmers’ Clubs maintained production to ensure fresh food and staples while respecting social distancing and hygiene advice. Frontline Institute campaigned to raise awareness about the pandemic and installed community as well as household tippy taps. Health projects from Malaria Control in Uíge, Zaire and Malanje to HIV Prevention in six provinces mobilised communities, informing about social distancing and hygiene and installing tippy taps. The Integrated Community Project in Huíla and Namibe, and the Fishing Communities project in Bengo, Luanda, Cuanza Norte and Malanje did the same to ensure safety measures were adopted by everyone. ADPP schools played their part, in addition to organising learning at a distance for all their students during the period of confinement. ADPP Polytechnics provided students with instructions on and encouragment to install tippy taps and make Covid-19 posters. ADPP Teacher Training Schools mobilised communities on the pandemic and TTS ADPP Luanda provided lessons and activities for children of homeless families. All projects continue to raise awareness, mobilise and implement practical solutions to assist communities while maintaining, to the extent possible, their planned activities.

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A banda musical da Escola de Magistério ADPP Zaire ensina música, arte e capoeira nas escolas primárias do Soyo, num projecto financiado pela Angola LNG. Durante o estudo de confinamento a Covid-19, os professores e estudantes da escola produzem músicas educativas sobre a COVID-19.

Clique nos links para ouvir as músicas e curta as letras abaixo:

Humanidade                     Esperança


 Não há fronteiras

Contra o Covid 19
A palavra é humanidade

Não toque nem fique nem perto
Fica em casa pois
- Lave as mãos com álcool gel e sabão
Irás sobreviver

O Covid 19
Pandemia mundial
Na China começou
Já está em todo mundo

É perigosa
Deixou o velho continente de Joelhos
Olha para as terras do Tio Sam

Banda Escola de Magistério ADPP Zaire.














Por mais escura que a noite seja
Pensaremos além
Resistiremos à Noite
Até o dia chegar.

Vamos conversar
Sensibilizar, lave as mãos com sabão
Em casa é um bom lugar.
Um metro de distância é bom
Não sai à rua passear
Não há Corona para sempre
Um dia vai passar

Povos do mundo
Enquanto existir, um dia para lutar
Há uma esperança
O coronavirus vai passar
A liberdade voltará
Por mais escura que seja a noite
Vai amanhecer.

Banda Escola de Magistério ADPP Zaire







angola frontWe're delighted to launch our annual report for 2019.  

 As we say in the report: our results would not be possible without the efforts of everyone involved, so a big thank you to everyone who took part in our People to People movement. 

We'll be presenting highlights from the report on Facebook and Twitter, so catch us there and let us know what you think. 

 Download the report using the link below:

ADPP is pleased to share the Civil Society Organization Sustainability Index (CSOSI) report of 2017 for Angola. The report describes advances and setbacks in the country’s civil society sector in 2017 through assessments of seven key dimensions: the legal environment, organizational capacity, financial viability, advocacy, service provision, infrastructure, and public image.
The report is produced based on discussion by an expert panel comprised of 8 Civil Society Organization (CSO) practitioners, researchers, and development practitioners of the country. The expert panel assessed the seven dimensions of CSO sustainability according to key indicators. They agreed on a score for each dimension, which can range from 1 (most developed) to 7 (most challenged).
The index is a useful source of information for CSOs, governments, donors, academics, and others who want to better understand and monitor key aspects of CSO sustainability in Angola.
ADPP is grateful to the members of the expert panel who attended the expert panel meeting in last July and contributed to this report. Their knowledge, perceptions, ideas, and dedication are the foundation upon which this index rests.

The project was implemented in collaboration between USAID, FHI360 and ADPP. Please visit the link to read the report.

Thank you.