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ADPP has maintained a continuous presence in Angola since 1986. In 2021, we worked in 108 unique municipalities: We had projects in 70; trainee teachers in one-year supervised teaching practice in 79; and an active graduates network in 25. 


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Education is a basic human right and a significant factor in the development of children, communities and the whole country at large. Opening classroom doors to all children, especially girls, will help break the intergenerational chains of poverty because education is intrinsically linked to all development goals such as supporting gender empowerment activities, improving child health and maternal health, reducing hunger, fighting the spread of HIV and diseases, spurring economic growth, and building peace.
Families are mobilized through campaigns to send all school age children to school and secure that no child is left out or ill treated at home. Child Aid makes actions to find children who fell out of school (some of them due to child employment) and get them back into school again. School children are assisted with their homework at the HPP centre.
Information on the importance of education has been provided to young persons. Also the deliberate interventions were to improve the livelihoods of youth. These interventions were Youth Employment Program (YEP), enrolment in vocational training, business skills and entrepreneurship training.  Some of the youth are also participating in GROW groups that are found in their respective localities. Women are enrolled with Non Formal education.

Quotes from the HPP Child Aid Ghanzi report:

Three mini Career fairs targeting youth in Ghanzi and Charles hill were conducted and about 150 young people attended. These were conducted in collaboration with Ghanzi brigade, which offers courses such as plumbing, plastering, bricklaying and electrical maintenance. About 19 youth, who are the Child Aid members, were enrolled with the Brigade. Furthermore, two young people were assisted to enrol with Limkokwing University in Gaborone and the other with Institute of Health Sciences in Molepolole.



We show solidarity in advancing the vision of ADPP Angola for the well-being of all people in Angola


We act consistently with our mission, are honest and transparent in what we do and say, and accept responsibility for our collective and individual actions


We work together effectively to serve the wider community


We constantly challenge ourselves to higher levels of performance and learning to achieve greater impact


We are steadfast in pursuing the vision of the organization no matter how challenging it is or how long it takes to reach the goal



Mostramos solidariedade na criação de desenvolvimento com e para as pessoas em Angola


Agimos de forma consistente com a nossa missão, somos honestos e transparentes no que fazemos e dizemos, e assumimos a responsabilidade por nossas acções colectivas e individuais.


Trabalhamos juntos de forma eficaz para servir a comunidade


Nós nos desafiamos a alcançar níveis altos de desempenho e aprendizagem para obter maior impacto.


Estamos firmes em seguir a visão da organização, não importa o quão difícil ou quanto tempo demore para atingir a meta.


Direitos Humanos, Educação e Empoderamento de Mulheres e Raparigas

40 Sessões Pedagógicas Huíla e Cunene

Testagem de Caso Índice e Ligação de Tratamento

Resposta a Covid-19

Apoio a Mulher Agricultora Rural em Angola

Adaptação dos Sistemas Agrários para Melhorar a Segurança Alimentar e Nutricional

Aumento a Resiliência das Comunidades por Meio do Acesso à Água

Capacitação de Professores Primários em Serviço na Província da Huíla ʺ40 Sessões Pedagógicas"

Fogões Melhorados

Clube de Jovens Agricultores

Rádio Cuvelai

Jimbuetete, Música, Arte & Capoeira

Mulheres em Acção Estalagem

Desenvolvimento Integrado nas Comunidades Piscatórias

Educação de Qualidade para os Refugiados e Comunidades Anfitriãs

Segurança Rodoviária

Mulheres em Acção Benguela, Cabinda e Luanda

Educação de Adultos nas Escolas de Campo

Prevenção de VIH em 6 Províncias

Projecto de Desenvolvimento Social Integrado

Carvão Sustentável & Gestão Florestal

Clube de Agricultores Luanda

STEM: Capacitação de Professores

Centro de Formação Agrícola e Clube de Mulheres Agricultoras

Clube de Mulheres Agricultoras Cuanza Norte

Escola de Magistério ADPP Lunda Sul

Controlo Comunitário da Malária, VIH e TB

Escola Polivalente e Profissional do Ramiro

Escola de Magistério ADPP Londuimbali

Escola de Magistério ADPP Cuando Cubango

Clube de Mulheres Agricultoras Cuanza Sul

Escola Polivalente e Profissional do Zango

Escola de Magistério ADPP Cuanza Norte

Escola Polivalente e Profissional de Benguela

Escola Polivalente e Profissional do Cazenga

Escola de Magistério ADPP Cuanza Sul

Instituto da Linha da Frente

Escola de Magistério ADPP Cunene

Escola de Magistério ADPP Uíge

Escola de Magistério ADPP Malanje

Escola de Magistério ADPP Bié

Escola de Magistério ADPP Zaire

Escola de Magistério ADPP Luanda

Escola de Magistério ADPP Cabinda

Escola de Magistério ADPP Benguela

Escola de Magistério ADPP Caxito

Escola de Magistério ADPP Huambo

Formigas do Futuro Benguela

In striving to create a better future for communities throughout Angola, ADPP is also contributing to a better world, using the Sustainable Development Goals as a shared framework.

sustainable development adpp angola

In striving to create a better future for communities throughout Angola, ADPP is also contributing to a better world, using the Sustainable Development Goals as a shared framework.


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