ADPP ANGOLA, currently operates 82
projects in 64 municipalities in 17 provinces reaching 1,300,000 people.



ADPP (Ajuda de Desenvolivmento de Povo para Povo) stands for Development Aid from People to People. ADPP Angola works in the fields of education, health, agriculture and environment, and integrated community development. All activities are built on three pillars:

  • A community-based perspective that empowers individuals, families, and communities to make positive changes in their own lives
  • Close working partnerships with local, provincial and national government to promote sustainable development
  • An integrated approach that links activities in education, health, agriculture and environment, and community development for maximum impact.

ADPP works closely with authorities and institutions at all levels, from state ministries to local leaders, from hospitals to rural schools.

ADPP also collaborates with other NGOs and community-based organizations to coordinate efforts and increase effectiveness.

Headed by a Board of Directors elected at the general assembly, all ADPP projects and


  • To promote solidarity between people
  • To promote the economic and social development of Angola
  • To promote a better life for the underprivileged and those most
    in need


  • ADPP seeks to support people in developing the vision and capacity to contribute to development, for themselves, their communities, and
    the nation.


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In 2020 ADPP was awarded the SGS NGO Benchmarking Certification after an external audit of its conformity and compliance with best practices in governance.



We show solidarity in advancing the vision of ADPP Angola for the well-being of all


We act consistently with our mission, are honest and transparent in what we do and say, and accept responsibility for our collective and individual actions.


We work together effectively to serve the wider community.


We constantly challenge ourselves to higher levels of performance and learning to achieve greater impact.


We are steadfast in pursuing the vision of the organization no matter how challenging it is or how long it takes to reach the goal.


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In 2020, ADPP employed 1900 staff members across all projects. Many have worked for ADPP for decades, while others entered their first paid employment in 2020 at an ADPP project. ADPP hires people from rural areas throughout the country, people who are full of ideas, energy, and the desire to create development, but have not had the opportunity to gain employment.

ADPP‘s commitment to on the job training gives them the opportunity to acquire experience, build their capacity and reach their potential. All ADPP project staff take part in a programme of continuous training and in 2020, 53 people undertook a year’s course of basic management training at Frontline Institute in Huambo. 90 teachers from the teacher training schools were studying for a degree via distance learning at One Word University in Mozambique.

Each member of the ADPP team brings their own unique contribution to developing Angola. Meet a few here:

Rikke Viholm, Chairperson of ADPP’s Board of Directors

Demo: ADPP participa de um programa de formação contínua e em 2020, 53 pessoas realizaram um ano de curso de formação básica em gestão no Instituto da Linha de Frente Angola no Huambo. 90 professores das Escolas de Magistério ADPP estudavam a distância na One Word University em Moçambique. Cada membro da equipa ADPP traz a sua contribuição única para o desenvolvimento de Angola. Conheça alguns aqui:

Justino Jerónimo, membro do Conselho de Administração da ADPP

O que desejo para o futuro de Angola é o desenvolvimento, com ponto de partida nas pessoas, deve ser sempre sobre as pessoas. Também sonho com educação de crianças, jovens e adultos na tolerância, na cidadania e na preservação do ambiente,

Delfina João, Líder de Projecto, Projectos de Saúde

Minha ambição é ajudar a melhorar a saúde das famílias da comunidade, prevenindo doenças contagiosas e negligenciadas, fazendo planos com elas para alcançar uma saúde melhor e ensinando as famílias como protegerem-se de doenças endêmicas. O meu maior desejo é uma comunidade livre de doenças.

Evaristo Waya, Equipa Nacional de Parceria

Ninguém nasce empreendedor. Aprendi a sê-lo na ADPP e agora contribuo para a expansão de uma cultura empreendedora através do desenvolvimento de competências profissionais que são um veículo para o desenvolvimento sustentável de uma comunidade.

Albino Chio, Coordenação de Projectos, projectos de agricultura e meio ambiente

Eu adoraria ver os Clubes de Agricultores tornarem-se independentes graças à sua própria produção e que os projectos da ADPP continuem a proteger o ambiente, ensinando as comunidades a conservação e o repovoamento de áreas devastadas.

Conceiçao Maria Ngangunga, Directora, Escola de Formação de Professores Cuanza Norte

O meu sonho é transformar todas as escolas primárias nos 164 municípios de Angola em “Outro Tipo de Escola” através do programa de formação de professores da ADPP. A educação científica e tecnológica em todas as escolas do país e em todos os níveis também faz parte do meu sonho.

Duarte Cleofas Manuel, Líder de Projecto, Projectos de Desenvolvimento Comunitário Integrado

Tenho o sonho de transformar comunidades em todo o país, principalmente as comunidades rurais. Por experiência própria, sei que as comunidades não são as mesmas depois de aprender a criar peixes em tanques; depois de aprender a ler e escrever; depois de aulas de nutrição e culinária - elas melhoram suas dietas e valorizam a terra onde aprendem a cultivar os melhores produtos para sua mesa.

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HUMANA PEOPLE TO PEOPLE spans the globe through 29 independent national member associations committed to tackling some of the world’s major humanitarian, social and environmental challenges.

HPPI  World Map

The Federation Humana People to People was formally established in 1996. It supports members delivering critical on-the-ground programmes across Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America.

We are all committed to the same agenda: protecting the planet, building communities and supporting people by connecting them with others, unleashing their potential for positive change and action.

At our heart is a set of principles on how to create development and to raise funds for it. This ethos is shared by the countless partners, national and international, who have supported – and continue to support – our work over the years.

Our activities are aligned with the UN 2030 Agenda. Working side by side with people in their communities and with our numerous partners, we support countries as they strive to meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, creating lasting positive change in the process.

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