Strengthening Municipal Education Systems to Ensure Quality Education for All Children may be a long title but it encapsulates the essence of the project.  As part of the government’s decentralization programme, municipalities have increasing responsibility for making sure all children learn: that they are enrolled in and attend school, that teachers are qualified and motivated, that headmasters provide leadership, and that parents and the whole community are actively involved. All children in school, more children completing primary school successfully, a lower drop out rate, and reduced repetition are key outcomes of the “SMS” project. 

Teacher Training Schools ADPP Malanje, Bié, Londuimbali and Benguela are collaborating with the education authorities, primary school directors and teachers, community members and project staff to improve the quality of education at 126 rural and peri-urban schools in the municipalities of Cacuso, Catabola, Huambo, and Baia Farta. Final year teacher training students have been practising all components of the project, from remedial lessons, Covid-19 recovery, child-centred quality education, classroom monitoring and evaluation, pedagogical sessions, and working closely with parents and PTAs.

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