Meeting with MOSAP II tutors before tests of learning of participants on a house to house basis 500x333No Bie, Huambo e Malanje, a ADPP está fornecer aulas de alfabetização aos agricultores envolvidos no projeto de Desenvolvimento e Comercialização da Agricultura Familiar, financiado pelo Banco Mundial. Durante a quarentena, a equipe do projeto continuou a dar aulas individualmente ao domicílioe em pequenos grupos, sob as regras do distanciamento físico. Aqui, dois dos participantes falam sobre as lições durante o Estado de Emergência:




Neusa Manuel 4I am now a seamstress thanks to the dressmaking course at the Women Entrepreneurs Project in Estalagem. I live with my husband and we have seven children.

I earn a living by doing this wonderful sewing work. I take orders from a number of customers and I make clothes to sell. Thanks to this work I manage to support my family.

During the State of Emergency, I decided to join the group of women who are producing face masks at the center. As a seamstress, I am collaborating in the production of face masks at the Women Entrepreneur Project in Estalagem, as we are living in a period of emergency in the country and in the world in general. In the situation that the country is experiencing, I participated in a talk about the prevention of Covid-19, and I have passed the knowledge gained on to my family.

WiA Benguela made 418 face masks in W 20 500x333The Women in Action project in Benguela, financed by Sympany, got in touch with the Provincial Department of Health to request authorisation for and monitoring of the distribution of face masks, more than 1230 of which had been produced by project participants and tutors. The Department of Health offered its full support, and activists from the Girls’ Club project, financed by UNDP, helped hand out the face masks in the districts of Kalomburaco, Mina, Asseque, Camunda. Docota, Jingolote, Navegantes, 11 de Novembro and Goa. The activists used the opportunity to pass on messages about the transmission of Covid-19, and they explained what measures the families could take to protect themselves.

Dr Brito, Director of Benguela Municipal Health Department, paid a surprise visit on 30 April to Teacher Training School ADPP Benguela, asking whether the school would be willing to supply or make face masks. In collaboration with the Women in Action project, the school was able to provide some masks which were already in stock, and agreed that the Municipal Director would provide more material to be sewn, and the project produced the mask. The masks are being distributed among the Municipal Health personnel.

drawing covid 500x333Students from the Teacher Training School ADPP Bie produced drawings this week as part of their homework. The posters can be used to discuss COVID-19 with family and neighbours.