Article on Jornal de Angola, 08.12.2022
The United States of America, in partnership with the Provincial Government of Benguela and the Ministry of Education, launched two new social projects in Baía Farta, namely Communities in Action for Peace and Inclusion (CAPI) and the Strengthening of Municipal Education Systems in Angola.

The projects will support the decentralization of social services with a focus on the education sector and the promotion of building communities and skills in resolving conflicts among young Angolans. The project also aims to improve the position of women in their communities, starting with support in obtaining civil registration documents, such as an Identity Card, and in eliminating gender-based domestic violence against women and girls.

Funding for the two projects implemented by the NGO APP Angola totals US$3 million for a period of five years.

The CAPI project in 45 communities in the three municipalities of Cubal, Balombo and Ganda will benefit from support for working with high-risk populations in promoting peace and social inclusion through conflict resolution.

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