Hipólito Lembe Chivulo, 17 years old and from Massabi commune in Cacongo Municipality.

My name is Hipólito. I studied for three years at EPP Cabinda, 7th, 8th and 9th Grade. In the 7th Grade I was a bit confused about the whole profession thing, about what I should learn and the different subjects, but I really liked the trip and the teachers who taught well. I had problems with Portuguese which I finally passed in 8th Grade. Of the professions, I really liked metalwork and the metalwork tutor. We did a lot of work. Moreover, I learned a lot about plumbing.

In 9th Grade, I had the opportunity to do my work experience at Moto - Engil where I was placed in the metalwork area. I learned a lot. It was good training.

Now I have finished the three years. I will continue to study in Punive but I will also work in a workshop in the city, in Cabinda. I already have a place. My future is working and studying.

Hipólito Lembe Chivulo, from Polytechnic School Cabinda