Women supporting women: A Girl from Kasseque is Today a School Director
My name is Emília Siyovoca Moco, I am 32 years old, and I was born in Bairro do Kasseque in the municipality of Benguela. I am the second daughter of 13 children. I did my professional training at intermediate level at Teacher Training School ADPP Benguela, previously known as ADPP School of the Teachers of the Future, Benguela.
When I finished lower secondary school, I stopped studying because I couldn't get a place in any school in the municipality of Benguela to attend 10th Grade. This period of my life was particularly difficult for me. That year, as I couldn't get a place at school, I decided to look for a job. I talked to my friend and got a job as a housekeeper, where I worked for 9 months. With what little I was earning, I was able to help cover my family's food expenses. The following year, still eager to get a place to continue studying, I heard about ADPP. The next day, as I really wanted to study, I decided to look for the school. I walked about 10 km on foot until I reached it, and I was given a pamphlet with all the necessary information on teacher training. I went home and told my father about the course and, as he has always supported my education, it was not difficult to convince him of my decision. I completed 9th and 10th Grade in what is considered annex classes, after which I had access to teacher training. I really wanted to be a teacher, so fulfilling this wish for me was a victory.
In my final year of training, which involves long-term teaching practice, the school board proposed that I undertake teaching practice at the very school where I was studying. They had been impressed by my performance during 1st and 2nd Year. I accepted and the year went very well, ending in exams and graduation. I then participated in the public tender for teachers in Benguela, was awarded a teaching job and started working as a rural teacher in Balambi village, in Monte Belo Commune in the municipality of Bocoio. Two and a half years later, I received a visit from the TTS ADPP Benguela school board, praising the work I was doing as a primary teacher, and proposing a position at TTS ADPP Benguela as a 1st Year core group teacher, which would involve travelling with the students during their three-month study trip. I accepted the challenge and transferred to TTS ADPP Benguela, where I worked as a teacher for four years. I traveled by bus with the students to neighboring countries: Namibia, Zambia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and Botswana. And then I received another offer from ADPP, this time to become director of ADPP Polytechnic (EPP) Benguela, which is where I am currently working.
My professional life was greatly influenced by many women at ADPP Angola, all of whom in different areas and different positions. They are without doubt the reason for me being the strong and determined woman that I became. Difficulties encountered on the way helped me to face life from a different perspective. That is why I am a woman who supports other women because we need each other to build a better country and a better world, where women and men move forward together.