Small-scale subsistence farmers have been receiving a helping hand at ADPP Famers’ Club projects to raise the level of their production in a sustainable way and create surplus for sale. However, marketing of this surplus is often a barrier to further progress, and the women farmers already face many barriers as they try to make a living for themselves and their families. 

ADPP Women Farmers’ Club Malanje in Calandula Municipality has reached the stage where production has risen, the farmers are producing a greater variety of crops, many are adding value by processing for example cassava to make flour, and the clubs are organised on selling surplus. To provide yet more support for the empowerment of women farmers and take marketing a step further, the project participated in an agricultural fair at the beginning of September, organised by the municipal authorities, to celebrate Calandula’s 92 years of existence.

The project stall showcased Women’s Farmers Club Malanje and women’s economic empowerment activities, and many women farmers brought produce such as tomatoes, bananas, cassava, greens and groundnuts from their fields to display and sell. On one day alone, they made 48,000 kwanzas.