Article on Jornal de Angola, 05.11.2022
by Marcelo Manuel | Ndalatando

ADPP – Development Aid from People to People has a project in the pipeline in connection with the training of primary school teachers for rural communities.

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Knowledge on handling electronic devices will also be provided 

The aforementioned project will start in the first quarter of 2023, in the municipality of Lucala, Province of Cuanza-Norte. According to the chairperson of the Board of Directors of ADPP Angola, Rikke Viholm, the project will have a great impact on local communities, due to the fact that it brings together teaching and technological skills, to be transmitted to teachers in rural areas. She added that the program provides training for young people from the provinces of Cuanza-Norte, Uíge and Malanje.

The project will be funded by the South Korean Embassy in Angola. Collaboration between ADDP and the South Korean Cooperation Agency (Koica) in Cuanza-Norte dates back to 2009, with the establishment of Lucala Educational Center, with teacher training and polytechnic education.

Rikke Viholm commented that the creation of the project marks the third phase of the partnership between the two institutions, with the aim of improving education in rural communities in Angola. She also mentioned that the collaboration between the Ministry of Education and ADPP has existed for 26 years and has enabled the training of 14,700 teachers, prepared to teach in rural areas. She added that at country level there are 15 ADPP teacher training schools in 14 provinces. 

Moreover, ADPP has a literacy project in the municipalities of Lucala and Cazengo, Cuanza Norte, with 1,500 literacy learners, predominantly women, who also receive training in farming techniques, with a view to the promotion of gender and social inclusion.

"The objective is to guarantee that women have access to education, land for cultivation, in addition to their full exercising of citizenship and opening of bank accounts," she said. She stressed that the women participating in the project are learning techniques for building wood burning stoves that use less wood but are more efficient at cooking food.

South Korean support

The South Korean Embassy in Angola has US$6 million available to finance the project to train primary school teachers for rural areas. This information was made public on Thursday by the first secretary and head of the Political and Economic Section of the South Korean Embassy in Angola, Hyung Kwon Jung, who is in Ndalatando to visit the location where the project will be implemented.

He said that the training will be given at Lucala Educational Centre, supervised by ADPP Angola, adding that the project will last five years.  According to Hyung Kwon Jung, the main objective is to guarantee technical and pedagogical training for primary school teachers in rural communities, with training in the handling of electronic devices, in order to guarantee quality training.

Hyung Kwon Jung said that his government enjoyed good relations with the Angolan Executive, a fact that led to the financing of other actions, such as the project to modernize public security and the creation of the Industrial Center of Advanced Technology, in Luanda, as well as the revitalization of the city of Sumbe, valued at around US$200 million.