Article on Angop, Huambo, 25 November 2022

350 trees of different species were planted this Friday in the municipality of Caála as part of ADPP’s tree planting campaign.

Red acacia, eucalyptus, cedar and pine tree were planted in the city of Caála and in the surroundings of the communal villages of Calenga, Catata and Cuima, in a contribution to the protection of the environment and to urban beautification.

ADPP regularly supplies trees for reforestation, ornament, and fruit production. Head of Basic Sanitation at the municipal administration of Caála, Matias Camuculo, said that ADPP volunteers planted ornamental trees (red acacias) in the main streets and avenues of the city of Huambo, while cedar, eucalyptus and pine, were made available to the municipalities of Calenga, Catata and Cuima, as part of reforestation.

 He added that the local administration intends to involve the population in ecological programs, with a focus on preserving the environment, in order to avoid imbalances and, at the same time, prevent the city and the population from natural disasters affecting the communities. In 2021, 600 trees were planted in the municipality of Caála, located 23 kilometers west of the city of Huambo.

ADPP has been operating in Angola for over 20 years, working in the areas of education, health, agriculture, environment, community and integrated development of rural communities, by empowering individuals, families and communities to make positive changes in their lives. In Huambo province, the organization has two teacher training schools in the municipalities of Huambo and Londuimbali, in addition to developing various community projects in other municipalities.

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