About Humana People to People


Humana People to People The Federation for Associations connected to the International Humana People to People Movement is a membership network for organizations working with long-term, sustainable development. The members are independent national associations, which started their work and continue operations based on keen knowledge of the needs and development potential of the communities where they are situated. With projects and project leaders placed in rural areas, they are part of the everyday life of the people in the projects and are also part of finding sustainable solutions.

The projects and members of the Federation work closely with local, national and international players, including government institutions, non-government entities and the business community.

Member organizations in Europe and North America collect and recycle secondhand clothes and shoes and use the surplus to support development projects. These projects build human capacity and encourage people to join forces to make changes that improve their lives and their communities.
Members in Africa, Asia and Latin America fight shoulder to shoulder with people to improve health, education, production and economic prosperity.  

By establishing the Federation, providing a formal and permanent cooperation between the member organizations with permanent staff and an international headquarters, the members created a body where they can:
Discuss issues of common interest on many levels;
Access comprehensive experience of other organizations working in the same field;
Develop programs with a common idea and standard, leading to  better quality and more efficiency;
Draw on assistance in many professional fields, thereby reducing costs;
Cooperate to maximize results of clothing collection and sales;
Benefit from and contribute to human resource management and development that fits to the challenges in developing countries;
Speak with a common voice in the international development fora, thus increasing the influence of their programs.