• A ADPP Angola celebrou 30 anos criando desenvolvimento em todo o país, em parceria com o governo, comumidades e parceiros

  • A ADPP opera 45 projectos em 42 municípios de 18 províncias nas areas de educação, saúde comunitária, agricultura e desenvolvimento rural

  • Junto com o Ministério da Educação, a ADPP opera 15 escolas de formação de professores e graduou 9644 profesores primarias desde 1998

  • ADPP tem: 900 trabalhadores, 4000 voluntários, 1000 professores estagiários em 92 municípios, alcançando 700.000 pessoas

HIV Community Control Project

Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS in Kuando Kubango, Kunene, Huila and Namibe is a project being implemented by a consortium of organizations, led by ADPP and including 5 other Angolan organizations: PRAZEDOR, MBAKITA, ADC, ASPALSIDA and ETUNGAFANO. The goal is to reach 7,500 people with information and testing, and 5,000 HIV+ pregnant women with community-based services to combat vertical transmission. Support for people undergoing treatment, including TB awareness, is included in the overall objective. The project began in the final quarter of 2017, with the selection for participation of 28 health units 21 health agents per province were also engaged, and those in Kuando Kubango, Kunene and Huila attended training sessions covering HIV prevention and control, with training scheduled to take place in Namibe in early January 2018. Activities in Kuando Kubango advanced rapidly, and the community health agents reached 732 people with HIV information, advice and testing before the end of the year. 134 of these attended HIV testing in the community. They distributed more than 3,000 condoms, and embarked on home visits, talks, and the targeting of mother and pregnant women with specific information about mother to child transmission.

Voluntary Counselling And Testing At Boa Vida Health Unit Kuando Kubango

Voluntary Counselling And Testing At Boa Vida Health Unit Kuando Kubango

Testing Oshifo Cunene

Testing Oshifo Cunene

Project Targets:

  • 28 Health posts
  • 84 Community Health Agents
  • 7500 People tested for HIV
  • 5000 HIV+ women receive Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) services
  • 600 Children and adults on ARV treatment receive support
  • 263 HIV+ people refered for to health post for TB services
  • 670 TB patients receive community-based HIV services
  • 50,400 Condoms distributed
  • 84 Community HIV sessions realized- talks, radio programmes, theater
  • 252 Home visits to HIV+ pregnant women
  • 252 Mutual Aid Group meetings for HIV+ pregnant women
  • 168 HIV+ mothers with children under 2 months advised to have their children tested
  • 252 Mutual Aid Group meetings;
  • 700 Home visits focussing on HIV/TB affected

Contacto ADPP Angola

ADPP Angola
Rua João de Barros, 28
Luanda CP 345
912 31 08 60
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