• A ADPP Angola celebrou 30 anos criando desenvolvimento em todo o país, em parceria com o governo, comumidades e parceiros

  • A ADPP opera 45 projectos em 42 municípios de 18 províncias nas areas de educação, saúde comunitária, agricultura e desenvolvimento rural

  • Junto com o Ministério da Educação, a ADPP opera 15 escolas de formação de professores e graduou 9644 profesores primarias desde 1998

  • ADPP tem: 900 trabalhadores, 4000 voluntários, 1000 professores estagiários em 92 municípios, alcançando 700.000 pessoas

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Jorge Chimba Sumbavela

...  a run or play ball, and all the teachers and students participate as well. We always start the day at 6 o'clock, even though it is now cold. I really like to travel. At school, in the period of preparatio ...

Maria Cassova Canganjo

...  We investigated this issue in the municipality of Longonjo, Province of Huambo. I learned more about local elections, for which I give thanks to this period of travel. With this theme, we visited various ...

Júlio Fio Cangungo

...  By the end of the period, we had collected a lot of information. We were welcomed everywhere and it was interesting to hear the explanations given. We found schools where there are pupils who study well ...

Women in Action

... is followed by an “incubation” period, where they receive inividual support to begin their own micro enterprise: access to sewing machines, help to open a bank account, marketing assistance, or even just moral ...

Cross-border Malaria Project

...  290,000 people were tested in Angola and more than 93,000 in Namibia. The number of positive results was high in the first 18 months, falling considerably in a six-month extension period that ran fro ...


... burden. • The overall response to malaria is at a crossroads. After an unprecedented period of success in malaria control, progress has stagnated. • The current pace is insufficient to reach the 2020 ...


... burden. • The overall response to malaria is at a crossroads. After an unprecedented period of success in malaria control, progress has stagnated. • The current pace is insufficient to reach the 2020 ...

Teacher training: Learning to travel and travelling to learn

... Schools started their education in February 2018. The 1100 students and 125 teachers will start their "Learning to Travel, Travelling to Learn" period at the end of May. This is the 6th team of student ...

Reflections on Pan-Africanism in teacher training

The importance of the “Learning to travel, travelling to learn” period in teacher training and in the development of Pan-Africanism, by Agripino Chipassa The first year of training at the ADPP Teacher ...

Angolan themes

... tter road safety. It was a day with great joy, presentations, speeches, witnesses, songs, theater, group discussions on a well prepared theme and good explanations about the importance of the period "Le ...

The Polytechnic School Huambo

... has been secured through the school mobility program and the Provincial Education Office supplied 140 calligraphy manuals.
Students from EPP Huambo

Students from EPP Huambo

Girls from EPP Huambo

Girls from EPP Huambo

  The first period fo ...

The Polytechnic School Ramiro

... from various parts of Ramiro including the town itself and the districts of KM30 and Slave Museum, for example. In the first period, Swimming like a Fish, the students lost no time setting up camp and ...

Maximillino Pinto, EPP Luanda

... As I conclude my course I know that I will live to cherish the good moments we have shared with my colleagues at the school. We had a practice period that was very educative. we learnt more about our course ...

Mr. Jacinto, Farmers' Club Kunene

... to club activities and always want to learn more. After the project leaders observed him for a period of four months they thought of employing him to train other farmers about Farmers Clubs because there ...

Adelaide Simba Goio, Student at EPF Cabinda

Adelaide Simba Goio, Student at EPF Cabinda   I did my teaching practice in Cabinda Province in the Practical and Theoretical School Cabinda. In the EPF program it is in the 7th period that teachers ...

Family Farmers in Kunene on the road to food security

... period from the Finnish Ministry of Foreign affairs and the number of members will be increased to 1,530 as the original members are joined by 500 new. The changes and improvements already achieved will ...

Water & Sanitation Benguela

... id="121" name="3 x W&S benguela"] On conclusion of the project period, on 31 July 2017, all targets had been achieved if not surpassed, and the final results were impressive. FINAL RESULTS 2012 - 2017 ...

Bussing Our Continent

... in the period August- November 2013. The future primary teachers plan and execute a journey of investigation, insight and inspiration, where they are tested on a daily basis. They undertake research into ...
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