• A ADPP Angola celebrou 30 anos criando desenvolvimento em todo o país, em parceria com o governo, comumidades e parceiros

  • A ADPP opera 45 projectos em 42 municípios de 18 províncias nas areas de educação, saúde comunitária, agricultura e desenvolvimento rural

  • Junto com o Ministério da Educação, a ADPP opera 15 escolas de formação de professores e graduou 9644 profesores primarias desde 1998

  • ADPP tem: 900 trabalhadores, 4000 voluntários, 1000 professores estagiários em 92 municípios, alcançando 700.000 pessoas

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Even teachers have a lot to learn

... education can have an important influence on an individual's physical and intellectual development. I had been thinking about basic sanitation but here we didnt have any project to work with us and w ...

Civil Society Organization Sustainability Index (CSOSI)

... on discussion by an expert panel comprised of 8 Civil Society Organization (CSO) practitioners, researchers, and development practitioners of the country. The expert panel assessed the seven dimensions ...

Happy New Year!

... which has been a valuable addition to the portfolio of environmental activities.    Community Development Integration has been the key concept in ADPP’s community development work in 2018, in recognition ...

Spotlight: Community Health Agents programs

... more. ADPP is currently developing the Community Health Agents program in alignment with the Angola’s emerging policy for Community & Health Development Agents (ADECOS). [widgetkit id="164" name="Articl ...

Community Health Agent Malaria Programs

... has been developing the Community Health Agents program in alignment with Angola’s policy for Community & Health Development Agents (ADECOS). Malaria prevention and treatment campaigns have formed part ...

Community <span class="highlight">Development</span>&#160;...

ADPP’s considerable experience in community development benefited fishing and farming populations alike in 2017, with the continuation of integrated programme in the fishing communities of Cabo Ledo and ...

Reflections on Pan-Africanism in teacher training

The importance of the “Learning to travel, travelling to learn” period in teacher training and in the development of Pan-Africanism, by Agripino Chipassa The first year of training at the ADPP Teacher ...

Taurai on healthy food and communities

...  brightness and hope for the development of a country. Shunning all chemically produced and processed foods is the way to go. How? All the people living in the towns and cities have access to land ...

Success stories from the Farmers' Clubs in Calandula

... lies behind this development, and where the biggest and most significant change has been noted, is in the level of commitment on the part of the farmers. They make the most of the terrain available at ...

Launch of ADPP's Annual Report 2016

The Annual Report covering ADPP’s activities during 2016 is out and makes interesting reading. 2016 was an important milestone for ADPP Angola, as it celebrated 30 years of creating development, together ...

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45 projectos em 42 municípios nas 18 províncias: Conheça tudo no nosso novo relatório