ADPP Angola supports education in Angola


Quality inclusive and equitable education is essential for development. Improving enrolment rates is only part of the answer and the Ministry of Education and its partners is increasingly focussing on the quality of education on offer. In order to ensure effective outcomes, children and young people have to be supported from an early age and throughout their education, while girls, children with disabilities and children in vulnerable situations require special attention if they are to receive equal access to, and benefit from, learning opportunities. An essential element in this equation is a corps of dedicated modern teachers, capable of ensuring inclusion and achievement among the youngest pupils. The Schools for the Teachers of the Future graduate almost 1.000 of such teachers around the country every year to fulfill this role. ADPP also provides in-service training to primary school teachers with little or no pedagogical training via the “40 Pedagogical Sessions” courses.
The Practical and Theoretical Schools (EPP) prepare young people to be the players of the future, providing academic and technical education for young people who want to make a difference.
Frontline Institute is where project staff and volunteers receive training in project management. They gain business skills and a deeper understanding of human solidarity, which they take with them to their projects at the end of the course.


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