Considerable effort is needed to address the poverty which is a reality for too many families living from subsistence agriculture in Angola. For the individual farmer and his or her family, the problems are basic in the extreme: acute poverty, hunger, under- or malnutrition, illness. They have a lack of knowledge of the modern methods of sustainable farming which could dramatically improve their standard of living, and suffer from a lack of input in the form of seeds, tools etc.
Through the Farmers’ Club projects, ADPP is training subsistence farmers in environmentally sustainable techniques to improve productivity, and at the same time training the Farmers’ Club members in how to get organized for buying inputs and selling to the market.  ADPP started its first Farmers’ Club project in Cabinda, which has been followed by Farmers’ Clubs in the provinces of Zaire, Cunene, Kwanza Sul, Bengo, Kuando Kubango and Kwanza Norte.

Agriculture and the environment are also in focus at the Schools for the Teachers of the Future- and in many nearby primary schools. The Teacher Training Schools have been increasing their own agricultural production through garden farming and have also been educating the community on global warming and how to both benefit from and protect the local environment.


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