Spotlight: Supporting professions in the 9th grade


ADPP Angola: The African Innovation Fund is supporting 9th grade at the EPP schools to ensure quality trainingThe Africa Innovation Fund is supporting 9th Grade at the EPP schools to ensure quality training and practical school-to-work preparation of the students. Improvements in material, equipment and installations at the schools and a more extensive network of local contacts and partnerships are being realized.
Better equipped workshops and work experience places are essential if the students are to become proficient at their trades before leaving school.
Over the two years of the project, 1.000 third year students will benefit directly from AIF’s support, and all EPP students will ultimately benefit from the improvements at the schools.
Local communities around each school will also gain through the 9th grade community activites, where students produce and demonstrate for example systems of irrigation and water purification, improved agricultural production, recycling and tree planting, renewable energy and energy saving methods, nutritious food preparation, prevention and treatment of common diseases and pre-school educational games.
Whether the EPP students start working directly on graduation or continue their studies, the long term effect will be a more capable and productive workforce, and an increasing number of young people who are willing and able to contribute to the development of their communities.