Women in action - New Women’s Farmers’ Clubs in Kwanza Sul

ADPP Angola is working to strengthen women’s rights and participation - and upsetting the social norm that women play a secondary role in the family. The work shows that when women increase their income then the family’s overall health situation also increases, as well as their daughters’ opportunities to attend school.
ADPP’s Women’s Farmers’ Club in Kwanza Sul should be viewed in this light. The main purpose of the project is to train 1.440 female subsistence farmers in the province of Kwanza Sul to increase their agricultural production by applying more efficient and sustainable technologies and to obtain better prices for their produce, thus turning into entrepreneurs.
Families living off subsistence agriculture have e very low monetary income, below the official poverty line, and often suffer from food insecurity as well. The project seeks to improve the living conditions of some of these families by enabling the female farmers to produce more and increase their income.


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