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Maria Cassova Canganjo

Theme: Local elections

Hbo MariaMy name is Maria Cassova Canganjo, from core group No. 7.
What struck me most striking during the trip was when we talked about politics, more concretely about the municipal elections.

We investigated this issue in the municipality of Longonjo, Province of Huambo. I learned more about local elections, for which I give thanks to this period of travel. With this theme, we visited various institutions such as the Municipal Administration, MPLA, UNITA and CASA-CE committees.
When we visited the MPLA Committee, we were told the following: the municipal elections correspond to local powers that are exercised in a particular locality, and it is the people who elect the mayor. The mayor himself will be elected according to his program.

The MPLA thinks that elections should be introduced in a gradual way; while the opposition parties want them to happen in a functional way, in all the municipalities of the country. The MPLA says that the best way is gradual because the municipalities that will be covered will then depend on the government for only 50% of their finances. The other half will be collected locally. That is why municipalities with already developed industries should be included in the first phase.
In my opinion the municipal elections also bring about a unification of all parties because, if in the municipality of Caála, UNITA wins then this party will be obliged to collaborate strongly with the ruling party. They come to abolish rivalry between parties and bring more alliance between the parties, and to strengthen peace even more.

These elections are positive for democracy in our country, because with these elections the individual will be freer to express their feelings. The Organization of Angolan Woman said that UNITA used to kill and destroy schools and hospitals and bridges, but today students who vote MPLA and UNITA study at the same schools, are treated together in hospitals together and cross the same bridges.
It is noteworthy that everything that was learned was very useful and this same theme was very pertinent. Moreover, many of us thought that this trip would be about tourism, but it wasn’t. We were in the pursuit of knowledge.

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