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EPF Lunda Sul

EPF Lunda Sul, the 15th Schools for the Teachers of the Future in Angola, started in 2016. 

The original plan for the provincial government to construct new buildings to house the school has been put on hold due to the current financial climate. Istead, the first team of of 24 students started their training at neighboring EPFs Bié, Malange and Kuando Kubango in February 2016, while solutions were being sought to find a suitable building in Lunda Sul.

An unused boarding school was offered to house the school and spare classrooms were made available at the secondary school. As relocation was taking place, more students were being enrolled to join Team 2016, bringing the total to 40.

Thus on the 15th of June, the governor of Lunda Sul declared the school open, and just one day later the students embarked on their study trip, which would take them through Lunda Sul, Lunda Norte and Moxico.

Now in the third and final period of 1st Year, the new students are catching up with their colleagues, so all will be ready to sit their exams at the end of the year. The boarding school has been well equipped to meet the needs of the current students, and to receive up to 60 more students who will form Team 2017 at the start of the school year in February.

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