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EPP Ramiro


EPP Ramiro was established in March 2013, to satisfy the need for combined academic and vocational training at the lower secondary school level in Ramiro. The three-year courses on offer prepare young people to continue their studies or enter the jobs market, by equipping them with academic, practical and social skills. The school is a result of a partnership with the Angolan oil company ACREP, the Ministry of Education at national and provincial levels and ADPP. Now in its fourth year, EPP Ramiro has 287 students. The first team graduated at the beginning of this year with total of 51 students graduated and, among them, 24 are female.

Students at EPP Ramiro

Students at EPP Ramiro

Students doing investigation in local village

Students doing investigation in local village

Project Activities and Results

EPP Ramiro has the full complement of lower secondary grades, 7th, 8th and 9th.

  • 7th Grade: 84 students, 51 male and 33 female
  • 8th Grade: 119 students, 66 male and 53 female
  • 9th Grade: 84 students, 47 male and 37 female

The Effects of the Project

EPP Ramiro is filling a gap in the education system in its surrounding community, enrolling young people, who wish to complete their basic schooling while learning a technical trade. Events at the school are popular and there is healthy collaboration with the neighboring community. Municipal and provincial authorities collaborate with the school as they find the program and methods employed are beneficial to the young people and to society in general.

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