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EPP Luanda


The School for Street Children in Luanda (Escola Formigas do Futuro) was founded in 1991 to provide orphans and street children with elementary education from 1st  to 6th   Grade. In 2002, 7th  and 8th  Grade were added to the curriculum, and in 2006, in response to changing needs in the area, the school became a secondary school teaching exclusively 7th to 9th grade.

Since  2011,  the  school  has  been implementing  the EPP  program  (Escola Polivalente e Profissional/Practical and Theoretical School) for 7th, 8th and 9th Grade. EPP is an all-day school, combining academic and practical skills and utilizing new and modern pedagogical methods. 110 students have graduated since the inception of the EPP program. The Children’s School is being phased out, and all new students now enrol on the EPP course.


Weekly Sportslessons

Weekly Sportslessons

Students presenting a task

Students presenting a task

Excursion to the local radio

Excursion to the local radio

Working in groups

Working in groups

Project Activities and Results

42 students graduated from EPP Team 2013 at the start of the year. 22 of these were Community Health Agents (9 female) and 20 Information and Media Assistants (6 female). The graduation ceremony was held on 16 January in the theatre hall at EPP Luanda. It was attended by representatives of Cazenga Education Office and Health Department, family members, parents’ committee, members of the community, students and the graduates themselves. Approximately 150 people were present.

The day started with lunch for the graduates, their families and current EPP students, after which master of ceremonies Sr. Pedro Banza initiated the ceremony, which comprised welcome speeches, traditional dances performed by the group Formigas Dance, songs, words of thanks on the part of the graduates, the reading of a letter from ADPP, a play by theatre group Formigas do Futuro, a contribution from the parents’ committee and finally the handing over of diplomas. At the end of the ceremony, photographs were taken of the graduates in the company of their families and the director of the school.

The graduates are continuing their studies, some within their chosen speciality such  as  those  who  were  admitted  to  I TEL,  Luanda  Institut e  for Telecommunications and IMS, the Health Institute. Others are pursuing alternatives, according to what is available in their home areas.
EPP Luanda started the school year on 5 February with 210 students enrolled in the following grades:

  • 7th Grade: 60 students, 32 male and 28 female
  • 8th Grade: 86 students, 42 male and 44 female
  • 9th Grade: 64 students, 38 male and 26 female

An assembly was held for all classes on the first day, and many 7th Grade parents were also present. The director explained about what kind of school EPP Luanda was, about the different hikes or periods that made up each grade, about the study methods, activities and subjects, which were all somewhat different compared to general education schools.

The Effects of the Project

EPP Luanda provides an alternative to the lower secondary education hitherto available.  The  young  people  who  enrol  at  EPP  Luanda  are  looking  for something more than academic learning, and the combination of theory with practical  subjects  is  highly  attractive.  Not  only  do  they  gain  skills  and knowledge, they develop and mature in response to the responsibility placed upon them to be at the centre of their own education, to help their classmates, to run the school, and to involve themselves in society.

EPP Luanda enjoys good relations with the parents, who participate in People’s Exams and other gatherings at the school.

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