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EPP Kwanza Norte


EPP Kwanza Norte forms part of an Educational Center in Kwanza Norte province, established in a partnership between the Ministry of Education, the Embassy of Korea
/Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), the Provincial Government of Kwanza Norte and ADPP.
The Educational Center in Kwanza Norte was officially inaugurated by the Minister of Education, the Korean Ambassador and the governor of Kwanza Norte in November 2011, and EPP Kwanza Norte began operating in February 2012.
With the graduation of the second team from EPP Kwanza Norte, the number of graduates has risen to 91 and 23 of them are female.

New team starting

New team starting

Morning Assembley

Morning Assembley

Project Activities and Results

Graduation of Team 2013
The second team of graduates from EPP Kwanza Norte received their diplomas on 4
February, 2016 at a special ceremony during which poetry, songs, dances and speeches were presented. Guests included Sr Antonio da Silva, representing the Provincial Director of Education, Sr Domingos Manuel, Head of the Education Office in Lucala, Eng. Luis Barradas from IMA, directors of neighboring schools, sobas, as well as parents and guardians of the students. The guests were invited to take a guided tour of the school center, visiting workshops and other installations.

There are 126 students in 7th, 8th and 9th Grade. They can choose between Energy
Assistant, Food Producer and Modern Cook.

EPP 7th Grade: 36 students
EPP 8th Grade: 37 students
EPP 9th Grade: 51 students

Effects of the Project

EPP Kwanza Norte is a relatively new school. It offers much needed vocational training, and allows students who have missed out on their secondary education to complete 9 th Grade. As the school gains experience, the results will continue to improve. The teachers are committed to carrying out the program to the fullest, with weekly planning and follow- up of all activities, and ensuring that no student falls by the wayside.

The communities around the school benefit in many practical ways, through health and hygiene campaigns, through actions carried out by the Energy Assistants, and through cultural and sporting events held at the school or in the community.

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