• ADPP Angola is celebrating 30 years of active involvement in development work with communities throughout the country

  • ADPP Angola operates 48 projects in 17 provinces in education, community health, agriculture and rural development

  • ADPP runs 15 teacher trainig schools with the Ministry of Education and has graduated 9644 primary school teachers since 1998

  • ADPP has 900 employees, 4000 volunteers and 1000 students in teaching practice in 92 municipalities, reaching 700,000 people annually

Integrated development Huila and Namibe

2017 saw the start up of a new project in the provinces of Huila and Namibe, in the southerly part of Angola. The municipalities of Gambos in Huila and Bibala in Namibe were selected for the integrated programme of agricultural development, community health, and water and energy provision.

Initial activities included presenting the project to local authorities and community leaders, in order to gain backing for the concept and determine which communities would participate. These visits highlighted the challenges faced by the population in areas where walking five kilometers to fetch water was not uncommon. In addition, the majority of water sources were unprotected and water-borne diseases were not uncommon.

WebWP 20180308 18 23 49 Pro Teste De Bombagem Furo 2 Antiga

WebWP 20180308 18 23 49 Pro Teste De Bombagem Furo 2 Antiga

Web Solar Panels At A School

Web Solar Panels At A School

The project comprises the following components: the installation of solar energy systems, drilling of water points and fitting of solar panels, community health including a schools element, and agripastoralist field schools. Sites the solar powered water points were identified and registered, and companies sought to undertake the intallations. Community health agents were being recruited in December of 2017, as were health agents for participating schools, with training due to take place in early 2018. Enrolling of members for the Farmers’ Field schools is also planned for early 2018, as recruitment of the leaders for this component began at the end of the year. 10,000 families, 20 schools, and 16 Farmers’ Field Schools with 25 members each will benefit from the project over its two year lifetime.

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