• ADPP Angola is celebrating 30 years of active involvement in development work with communities throughout the country

  • ADPP Angola operates 45 projects in 18 provinces in education, community health, agriculture and rural development

  • ADPP runs 15 teacher trainig schools with the Ministry of Education and has graduated 9644 primary school teachers since 1998

  • ADPP has 900 employees, 4000 volunteers and 1000 students in teaching practice in 92 municipalities, reaching 700,000 people annually

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Sustainable Charcoal project

... for Agrarian Development, as well as provincial, municipal, and traditional authorities. ADPP’s Frontline Institute in Huambo is training project leaders and community members, while the ADPP Teacher Training ...

Empowering girls

... issue at ADPP schools. For years, EPFs across the country have sought to enroll equal numbers of male and female students, and have promoted equality and equity among the student body and within the community. ...

Road Traffic Safety

... safety education in collaboration with the authorities. The initial target is 10.000 pupils and teachers and 60.000 community members in Luanda over three years.     The project began in late 2015. A Road ...

The Polytechnic School Huambo

... in community actions and activities, and helped organize events at the school itself. Impact The obvious effect of the project is on the education of young people, who leave the school with their 9th ...

The Polytechnic School Ramiro

... noted is the relationship between the school and the neighboring community. People living around the school know they can call upon assistance in a variety of matters, as in the case of Cateba neighborhood ...

Teacher Training School ADPP Lunda Sul

...  school as the teacher training program has helped effect many changes in both the primary schools as well as in the life of the community. The impact is being felt further afield this year, with the deploymen ...


The overall objective of ADPP’s literacy campaign is to contribute to combatting hunger and poverty, contribute to to the active participation of community members  in integrated rural development.  For ...

Road Traffic Safety School Programme, Luanda

... of lessons given to their pupils up to 8,687. At the same time, 50 school patrols comprising 10-15 pupils campaigned around their schools and in the community in an attempt to influence behavior and attitudes ...

Spotlight: Supporting professions in the 9th grade

... all EPP students will ultimately benefit from the improvements at the schools. Local communities around each school will also gain through the 9th grade community activites, where students produce and ...

World Malaria Day

... in the community especially, during campaigns and other events. Our students have also capacity of passing same messages on malaria they were taught to their parents, family members and neighbors. In reality, ...

Maximillino Pinto, EPP Luanda

... and the what it involves in the real life. We also had an opportunity to work with the community and this experience was enriching and unforgettable. I wish for the school to continue training young people. ...

Mr. Jacinto, Farmers' Club Kunene

... how to construct fire wood saving stoves and its benefit, leadership skills, community mobilization, reporting and I am now learning how to use a computer. Very soon I will do all my plans and reports ...

Florinda vakujufeni, Comminity Health Agents Kunene

Florinda vakujufeni, Comminity Health Agents Kunene   Even for someone like Florinda, a community health worker in her village since 2006 and wife of the most educated man in the village – the village ...

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