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Welcome to ADPP Angola

Angola ADPP Angola - Ajuda de Desenvolvimento de Povo para Povo Angola - had 50 development projects operational in 17 provinces in Angola in 2015. ADPP is an Angolan NGO (non-governmental association) officially registered with the Ministry of Justice.  Since 1986, ADPP has been working in the following key areas of development: Education, Health, Rural Development, Agriculture and Environment. Issues such as gender equality, human rights, the environment and major endemic diseases are integral elements in all projects.
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ADPP Angola -  Escola Polivalente e Profissional (EPP)
ADPP Angola - Escola Polivalente e Profissional (EPP)

Pequena introdução sobre as Escolas Polivalentes e Profissionais

Filme Mulher em Acção Caxito
Filme Mulher em Acção Caxito

Mulheres em Acção Caxito demonstrando o que estão a aprender no projecto.

Where We Work

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ADPP Angola operates almost 50 development projects in 17 provicnes projects within Education, Health and Agriculture. All projects are run in collaboration with the relevant authorities, national, local and traditional. 

Contact ADPP Angola

ADPP Angola
Rua João de Barros, 28
Luanda CP 345
912 31 08 60
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